Sexiest Yoga Poses That Get Men Going

Yoga is one of the best exercises for the body and mind. It can also increase the sack with your partner, helping in building intimacy during sex and even afterward. One of the benefits of yoga is an intense orgasm. Now that there are many advantages of yoga, it is something worth attempting right? The positions ranging from dead bug to child’s pose, are fun and exciting. The benefit about many yoga moves is that you do not have to be able to twist yourself to try them out. The positions below are some of the best, and you won’t miss a few that work for you.
Dead Bug.
The pose is sexy by practice, and the tailbone supports the whole body. You lie with your tailbone on the floor holding the edges of your feet with the hand while drawing the knees towards the floor. It helps to get everything nice and open. Veteran yoga instructors affirm that the pose makes the hip and other areas open. The pose is widely known as “Happy Husband.”
Child Pose.
The pose is one of the easiest because it can be applied either on the bed or floor. The pose is applicable by kneeling. You touch your toes and sit on the heels then lay the upper body between the thighs. Lay the hands facing up alongside the shoulders. This yoga style makes it easy for the partner to enter from behind while you stretch the arms forward. It creates a beautiful back that the partner can admire.
Downward Facing Dog.

It is one of the most commonly performed moves in yoga and resembles an inverted V. Hands should be some width apart, and there should be an equal spacing between the fingers. Keeping the feet apart helps channel the energy into the hands to help in pushing the floor away from you. The move is ideal for stand up fun.
Full Straddle Forward Fold.
Keep the feet apart into a full standing position and fold forward to bring your hands to the floor for body support and if your hands cannot reach the level, put them on a chair or your bed. It is a good posture because the leg distance is adjustable.
Reclining Pigeon
It is another amazing sex style. For those who seek to have a deep penetration, this is an ideal position. Allow your woman to bend the left leg and put the foot down for support and relax the spine. The man solely depends on the right shin for support. Proper angle for penetration here is fully set. Try this position, and you will enjoy every bit of your intimate time with your lover.
Reclining Bound Angel

Looking for that pose, you had always dreamt of? Reclining bound angle is here to sort you out. It is an excellent position where your woman lies on her back surrounded by pillows. Resting her knees on the pillows and widely opening her legs in a butterfly position. She opens her feet for a man to take the missionary position. It gives a long-lasting time without getting exhausted.
Shoulder Stand
It is the best position for reaching the G-spot. You lie down on the bed, and he gets your legs, gently lifting your bottom off the bed and placing your ankles on his shoulders. It is a mind blowing position since it involves a direct eye contact with your lover. It helps in building a great sensation of intimacy.
Tree Pose
This position opens chances for both partners to get in touch with each other closely. The woman is required to lift her leg up the arm giving the man an ideal standing position where he can hold onto her leg. It demands a high level of balancing for a proper and smooth time during sex. Both partners have equal chances of having control of the whole process.
Wheel Pose
It is a life- changing the position that guarantees one satisfaction in bed. It gives every individual a chance of being in control of the game depending on the strength of either sex.
One is required to start lying on the floor facing up bending your feet flat on the floor area. Concentrate your feet close to your sitting bone and bending your elbows widening your palms on the floor next to your head. This position is truly fantastic for both lovers.
Chakra Kiss
It is an exclusive and high sex position that allows both partners get close to each other’s kissing position. One partner is required to wrap legs to his/her partner’s arms and torso. Start to breathe and experience your chakras kissing.

Top 10 Sexiest music Videos


here is a broad range of music videos that have been realized over the years. Some of them have been able to outshine the rest because of its quality and message. Today we will be listing the top ten sexiest music videos which have been realized in the recent past.

Zayn – Pillow talk

This is one of the best songs in the country at the moment. The video has gained popularity in different parts of the country because of its quality. This is one of the reasons why the song itself has gained popularity too. The video shows Zayn and a lady holding each other in a suggestive manner. Interested parties can now access the video in a wide range of platforms including popular streaming sites.

Selena Gomez-hand to myself

Selena is well known for high-quality music she has been producing over the years. Beside from that, her music videos are also stunning. This is because a wide range of people can relate to it easily within a short period of time. Although the singer has realized many sexy videos over the years ‘hand to myself’ music video as outshined the rest.


Beyoncé is one of the greatest musicians at the moment. She has been in the segment for quite a long period of time. During her career, she has been rendering her fans major hits and amazing music videos. The realize of ‘formation’ video was a game changer. A good number of her fans think that it is one of the sexiest videos ever realized by the artist. The video itself made the song even more popular this year.

Rihanna ft. drake-work

It has been a great year for both Rihanna and Drake. Most of their songs and music videos have been performing well in different chats. One of the hit songs which has been produced by the two musicians is ‘work.’ The video has been inspired by the Carrabin lifestyle and culture. This is one of the reasons why the video gained a lot of popularity. In the video Rihanna dance with drake in a club full of people having a good time. The release of this song and video has pushed the career of Rihanna to another level.

Luvbug-best is yet to come

The video is full of beautiful women having a good time on the beach. A good portion of the video was also shot in a swimming pool full of good looking ladies too. The video is considered one of the sexiest tapes produced this year. Many people like it mainly because they can relate to it.

Rihanna-kiss it better

This has been one of the most successful years for Rihanna in terms of music and other affiliated activities. The video kiss it better does not have many participants in it. In the video, Rihanna is seen dancing in a dark room. Her dance moves are amazing in the music video, and thus many of her fans have been pleased with the video.

Benny benassi ft. Chris brown – paradise

The two musicians have a broad range of audience. Over the years they have been improving in terms of their career. ‘Paradise’ video was well received by the fans. This was facilitated by its quality. The video has good looking ladies playing with sand on the beach.

Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman

She has been in the industry for a long period of time now. Most people consider ‘Dangerous Woman’ sexiest video ever produced by Ariana. Although it was realized recently, it has gained popularity and thus it has a high number of views on various streaming sites.

Nathan Sykes ft. G-Eazy –Give up

Unlike other video songs which have been produced by the two musicians, this is quite unique. Most people did not expect this type of video from this two musicians, and thus this was a surprise to most people. It’s one of the hottest videos ever produced by the two.

Fifth Harmony ft. Fetty Wap – All in My Head (flex)

The video is considered one of the hottest videos at the moment. The video is made up of girls dancing along the beach. Their dancing moves are awesome. It has gained its popularity mainly because of its quality.

2017’s Top 8 Sexiest Perfumes Of The Year

y ladies, what kind of perfume did you go crazy over this year? 2016 was full of some great fashion and beauty options but nothing beats having to smell your best, right? We gathered some intel on the hottest brands that seduced the senses and maybe even your partner.

No. 8


Stella by Stella McCartney was rated to be the number eight perfume of 2016. This is the very first scent released from the creator and was described as “an homage to the English rose”. The goal when creating this scent was to capture the scent of the rose at its full, peak bloom all while being backed up with a hint of mandarin and peony flowers. Stella wanted to make sure her signature scent was topped off with a beautiful crystal-like bottle that, when filled with the purple fragrance, looked like an amethyst gem, in which she succeeded.

No. 7


Most ladies love to hear that they were given a gift by the famous Dolce and Gabbana, right? Even if it is just the smallest bottle of perfume they have. Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana is fragrant with Sicilian citron, bluebells, and Granny Smith Apples. What a fun and enjoyable combination of smells, wouldn’t you agree? Some other natural scents thrown in to back up the fun are jasmine sambac, bamboo, white rose, cedarwood, amber, and musk.

No. 6


Chloe is an amazing floral base scent made with peony, rose, honey, cedar wood. Although this scent was created in 2008, it is still on the top of the perfume charts this year. This particular fragrance was not made by or for the “regular” type of woman. It was made to gear towards urban scent for the perfect amount of chic.

No. 5


When Mark Jacobs created his Daisy perfume line and had three specific sense chosen to create his Daisy trio, the daisy deluxe sets, as well as the decadence gift sets. The hot Daisy products that Mark Jake ups created for this line also include shiny pink, shine gold, shiny red, the Eau de Toilette line, The daisies so fresh line, the daisy dream line and the list goes on. With so many options to choose from and so many different types of sense from the Daisy collection it is no wonder why Mark Jacobs ended up at the number five spot of the year.

No. 4


Giorgio Armani has created what is being described as a “seductive new fragrance” for women. With the perfect mixture of blood orange, ginger, pear sorbet, Jasmine, Orange Blossom, seringa flower, lavender honey, precious woods complex, and vanilla it is no wonder why it remained in the top four throughout the year. If you’re looking for a fresh new saint that allows you to feel sexy and beautiful then try the Giorgio Armani Beauty perfume.

No. 3


Dior is a fabulous brand creating even better products. J’Adore is just one more that has been a hit with the ladies around the world. Made with the perfect blend of Ylang-Ylang Essence, Damascena Rose Essence, and Sambac Jasmine Absolute, this fragrance will leave you feeling sexy, luxurious and very sensual.

No. 2


Lancome is always a great brand and comes out with plenty of amazing products but this years top perfume from the world famous manufacturer of beauty products is La Vie Set Belle, which means “Life is Beautiful”. Made with the wonderful mix of Violet Leaf accord, Mimosa, and Freesia this is bound to be your next favorite scent to keep in your medicine cabinet.

No. 1


Last but not least, we have Yves Saint Laurent created an addictively energizing scent with the beautiful mix of Coffee Accord, Orange Blossom, Cedarwood Essence, and Patchouli Essense. Not only did it make it to the top of the fragrance charts but it is also the Allure Best of Beauty Award winner of the year. I think we just may see this one stick around the top of the charts for a while.

12 Things to think about when you cant sleep

Insomnia is very common among adults and sometimes children, who can’t fall or stay asleep. There are many remedies and strategies, for getting a good night sleep.

Insomnia is the inability to fall or remain asleep.. There are many symptoms, which includes- difficulty falling asleep, irritability, frequent wake-ups, wake- up during the night, and daytime sleepiness. It’s also the most common complaint of women. Older people, may be more easily disturbed by their environment, and sometime they loose the ability to consolidate sleep patterns.

Medical reports indicate that having trouble sleeping, can be the result of stress, depression, medications, behavioral, or psychological problems, or sleep disorders- such as sleepwalking, that may require therapeutic methods.

Listed below are 12 things to think about when you can’t sleep

Establish a routing bedtime

* Find effective activities that will help you wind down, right before bedtime, and stick to the same bedtime-even on weekends.

Select the right mattress

* Many sleep problems, are a result of an uncomfortable bed. Many beds, must be suitable to provide comfort, during sleeping hours.

Limit Stimulants

* When you drink caffeine, it can make it harder for you to sleep, because it’s a stimulator- and it will take hours for it to wear off. If you rely on caffeine, try to limit your intake, a few hours before bedtime. There are other stimulants like- Amphetamines, drugs, or MDMA (empathogen- entactogens), that increase alertness.

Eat the Right Foods

* A diet high in leafy green vegetables, nuts, magnesium, vitamin B, and spinach- will help your body get the healthy nutrients, that can help enhance good health. People naturally feel sleep after eating a meal, so eat a light one to help you get the proper rest you need.

Dim Lights

* A report study indicates that exposure to light, is negative for getting the proper rest. You can change your light bulb to a “soft/warm”, to reduce the effects on sleep methods.

Do not drink Alcohol

Hard liquor is not recommended for calming down before bedtime. It may make you sleep at first, but it will later disrupt your sleep pattern.

Natural Supplements

* There are two most highly recommended supplements to take at bedtime:


Take a hot bath

* Relaxing in a tub or taking a hot shower, will cause your body temperature to go down, which can trigger relaxation.


* During the daytime hours, take out the time to take a walk, ride a bicycle, do leg exercise, or squats- which will help divert blood flow.

Minimize Disturbing Noises

* You can turn off your television, cell phones, computers, or radios, to avoid a sudden sound. Peace and calm triggers relaxation, and you will soon drift off to sleep.

Play Relaxing Music

* Try to listen to the sounds of nature or classical music to trigger peaceful thoughts.

Try Therapy

* There are several techniques that will help monitor and promote sleep recommended by a sleep therapist. There is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or a digital program- called Sleepio, which help users learn how to practice and manage their sleep patterns at home.

When you can’t get the proper sleep you need, you often become irritable and you are unable to become productive the next day. Therefore, you should try various methods, to help you get the sleep that your body needs. Tossing and turning, isn’t going to help, but choosing something that is soothing and relaxing, is suggested to help. Remember, to avoid doing anything that will pump you up or cause alertness, and will make it harder for you to relax. It is required that toddlers and children get 12 to 14 hours of sleep, teens get 9 to 11 hours, and adults should get 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day.

Sleep is a natural recurring state of mind, which happens as our muscle relax. It is identified by a wakeful pattern, by the decreased ability to react to stimuli. It is also reversed, when the body goes into a state of comatose. Sleep is a necessary and natural part of our life and will improve the heart, immune system, the body and the mind. A lack of sleep, can double the onset of cardiovascular problems. Therefore, when you can’t sleep, try a few of the suggestions that you learned about, and get some needed rest!