12 Things to think about when you cant sleep

Insomnia is very common among adults and sometimes children, who can’t fall or stay asleep. There are many remedies and strategies, for getting a good night sleep.

Insomnia is the inability to fall or remain asleep.. There are many symptoms, which includes- difficulty falling asleep, irritability, frequent wake-ups, wake- up during the night, and daytime sleepiness. It’s also the most common complaint of women. Older people, may be more easily disturbed by their environment, and sometime they loose the ability to consolidate sleep patterns.

Medical reports indicate that having trouble sleeping, can be the result of stress, depression, medications, behavioral, or psychological problems, or sleep disorders- such as sleepwalking, that may require therapeutic methods.

Listed below are 12 things to think about when you can’t sleep

Establish a routing bedtime

* Find effective activities that will help you wind down, right before bedtime, and stick to the same bedtime-even on weekends.

Select the right mattress

* Many sleep problems, are a result of an uncomfortable bed. Many beds, must be suitable to provide comfort, during sleeping hours.

Limit Stimulants

* When you drink caffeine, it can make it harder for you to sleep, because it’s a stimulator- and it will take hours for it to wear off. If you rely on caffeine, try to limit your intake, a few hours before bedtime. There are other stimulants like- Amphetamines, drugs, or MDMA (empathogen- entactogens), that increase alertness.

Eat the Right Foods

* A diet high in leafy green vegetables, nuts, magnesium, vitamin B, and spinach- will help your body get the healthy nutrients, that can help enhance good health. People naturally feel sleep after eating a meal, so eat a light one to help you get the proper rest you need.

Dim Lights

* A report study indicates that exposure to light, is negative for getting the proper rest. You can change your light bulb to a “soft/warm”, to reduce the effects on sleep methods.

Do not drink Alcohol

Hard liquor is not recommended for calming down before bedtime. It may make you sleep at first, but it will later disrupt your sleep pattern.

Natural Supplements

* There are two most highly recommended supplements to take at bedtime:


Take a hot bath

* Relaxing in a tub or taking a hot shower, will cause your body temperature to go down, which can trigger relaxation.


* During the daytime hours, take out the time to take a walk, ride a bicycle, do leg exercise, or squats- which will help divert blood flow.

Minimize Disturbing Noises

* You can turn off your television, cell phones, computers, or radios, to avoid a sudden sound. Peace and calm triggers relaxation, and you will soon drift off to sleep.

Play Relaxing Music

* Try to listen to the sounds of nature or classical music to trigger peaceful thoughts.

Try Therapy

* There are several techniques that will help monitor and promote sleep recommended by a sleep therapist. There is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or a digital program- called Sleepio, which help users learn how to practice and manage their sleep patterns at home.

When you can’t get the proper sleep you need, you often become irritable and you are unable to become productive the next day. Therefore, you should try various methods, to help you get the sleep that your body needs. Tossing and turning, isn’t going to help, but choosing something that is soothing and relaxing, is suggested to help. Remember, to avoid doing anything that will pump you up or cause alertness, and will make it harder for you to relax. It is required that toddlers and children get 12 to 14 hours of sleep, teens get 9 to 11 hours, and adults should get 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day.

Sleep is a natural recurring state of mind, which happens as our muscle relax. It is identified by a wakeful pattern, by the decreased ability to react to stimuli. It is also reversed, when the body goes into a state of comatose. Sleep is a necessary and natural part of our life and will improve the heart, immune system, the body and the mind. A lack of sleep, can double the onset of cardiovascular problems. Therefore, when you can’t sleep, try a few of the suggestions that you learned about, and get some needed rest!