Sexiest Yoga Poses That Get Men Going

Yoga is one of the best exercises for the body and mind. It can also increase the sack with your partner, helping in building intimacy during sex and even afterward. One of the benefits of yoga is an intense orgasm. Now that there are many advantages of yoga, it is something worth attempting right? The positions ranging from dead bug to child’s pose, are fun and exciting. The benefit about many yoga moves is that you do not have to be able to twist yourself to try them out. The positions below are some of the best, and you won’t miss a few that work for you.
Dead Bug.
The pose is sexy by practice, and the tailbone supports the whole body. You lie with your tailbone on the floor holding the edges of your feet with the hand while drawing the knees towards the floor. It helps to get everything nice and open. Veteran yoga instructors affirm that the pose makes the hip and other areas open. The pose is widely known as “Happy Husband.”
Child Pose.
The pose is one of the easiest because it can be applied either on the bed or floor. The pose is applicable by kneeling. You touch your toes and sit on the heels then lay the upper body between the thighs. Lay the hands facing up alongside the shoulders. This yoga style makes it easy for the partner to enter from behind while you stretch the arms forward. It creates a beautiful back that the partner can admire.
Downward Facing Dog.

It is one of the most commonly performed moves in yoga and resembles an inverted V. Hands should be some width apart, and there should be an equal spacing between the fingers. Keeping the feet apart helps channel the energy into the hands to help in pushing the floor away from you. The move is ideal for stand up fun.
Full Straddle Forward Fold.
Keep the feet apart into a full standing position and fold forward to bring your hands to the floor for body support and if your hands cannot reach the level, put them on a chair or your bed. It is a good posture because the leg distance is adjustable.
Reclining Pigeon
It is another amazing sex style. For those who seek to have a deep penetration, this is an ideal position. Allow your woman to bend the left leg and put the foot down for support and relax the spine. The man solely depends on the right shin for support. Proper angle for penetration here is fully set. Try this position, and you will enjoy every bit of your intimate time with your lover.
Reclining Bound Angel

Looking for that pose, you had always dreamt of? Reclining bound angle is here to sort you out. It is an excellent position where your woman lies on her back surrounded by pillows. Resting her knees on the pillows and widely opening her legs in a butterfly position. She opens her feet for a man to take the missionary position. It gives a long-lasting time without getting exhausted.
Shoulder Stand
It is the best position for reaching the G-spot. You lie down on the bed, and he gets your legs, gently lifting your bottom off the bed and placing your ankles on his shoulders. It is a mind blowing position since it involves a direct eye contact with your lover. It helps in building a great sensation of intimacy.
Tree Pose
This position opens chances for both partners to get in touch with each other closely. The woman is required to lift her leg up the arm giving the man an ideal standing position where he can hold onto her leg. It demands a high level of balancing for a proper and smooth time during sex. Both partners have equal chances of having control of the whole process.
Wheel Pose
It is a life- changing the position that guarantees one satisfaction in bed. It gives every individual a chance of being in control of the game depending on the strength of either sex.
One is required to start lying on the floor facing up bending your feet flat on the floor area. Concentrate your feet close to your sitting bone and bending your elbows widening your palms on the floor next to your head. This position is truly fantastic for both lovers.
Chakra Kiss
It is an exclusive and high sex position that allows both partners get close to each other’s kissing position. One partner is required to wrap legs to his/her partner’s arms and torso. Start to breathe and experience your chakras kissing.